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The team that will follow you, every step of the way.

Toni Bacvarovski

President, CEO, Founder
Toni is Co-Founder and managing director of Gordian Systems which he grew from a start-up IT services firm into a leading innovations company offering technical support services for North America clients 24/7 for the last 10 years.

  • Design & UX 50%
  • Web Programming 80%
  • Internet Marketing 10%

Marija Gjorgievska

Lead Developer
As bachelor of Mechanical engineering she has contributed largely for the knowledge and expertise gathered theoretically at the University and implemented through the best industry practices directly to the field practically as technical support services provided to our international clients.

  • Photoshop 85%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Illustrator 50%

Igor Eftimov

Tech Support Engineer
Igor is team member of our telecom team experts bringing fresh knowledge into Gordian technical support division. Guidance of the 24/7 Helpdesk including high-level support escalations belongs to him, and in the same time managing the on-site hardware installations and support for our clients in North America. Comprehensive knowledge of PC tech area with continues track of latest industry leading innovations implemented into Gordian’s Technical Support services.

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Community Management 50%

Timely Support

Our support team values your time so we are always here to help on time. It is our priority to help you within a best timeframe.

Innovative Ideas

We will share with you the most incredible innovative ideas, concepts and designs. With us you will make a step closer to the future.

Advanced Technology

In our every-day working process, we are using the latest advanced technologies. Among current examples: artificial intelligence, speech recognition, virtual reality and 3D visualization, etc.

Clear Communication

Clear and effective communication is the key to success in business. You’ll enjoy great communication skills through the whole process, while we are working together.

Vlatko Mitov

Web Designer
Vlatko’s passion for technology and innovations along with the huge experience way back since the 90’s with participance in many projects in the country related with telecommunications, data communications and technological equipment, gave him the primate highly accomplished and recognized expert in project management in the IT industry. Being Co-author of First Macedonian Extranet, “Macedonia on Internet” , Computer and internet articles and participant in numerous workshop dedicated to entrepreneurship development in R.Macedonia, made the ideal conditions to establish Goridan Systems way back in 2010 together with Toni Bacvarovski alongside. The entrepreneur spirit and enthusiasm combined with the tremendous experience and background in the industry created the picture that our service recipients have for Goridan Systems today.

  • Planning 95%
  • Problem Solving 100%
  • Operations 80%

Blagojche Dameski

Technical Support
All Gordian’s operations and business analysis are being orchestrated and run by Dameski for the last 4 years with great success and customer satisfaction. The unique combination of technical experience and great sense of business analysis gathered in international companies combined with unique approach in project and resource management, contributed and led to outstanding results for the success that Gordian Systems achieved so far. The entrepreneur youngster spirit and Agile approach of Dameski’s ICT solutions implemented to our service recipients, engendered to outstanding feedback and satisfaction for our services and became company’s market recognition domestically and abroad.

  • Photoshop 85%
  • After Effects 70%
  • Illustrator 50%

Petar Petrusevski

Software Developer
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  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Tech Support 30%
  • Community Management 50%

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