We pride ourselves on offering a unique and fresh approach to delivering quality and sustainable solutions. While we primarily focus on enterprise scale applications, our use of emerging technologies allows us to often deliver these applications as startup costs.

Carrie, Smart System

Project Description

LTC providers (facilities or care-at-home providers), the major institution of care, are facing an issue of high demand of new and professional workforce. Yet, the less educated and unlicensed workforce is pushed towards caregiver carrier, jobs with high demands. This creates costly high employee turnover while pushing the licensed caregivers to overtime work. Quality of care is negatively affected by these issues. All these problems are driving the cost of care to rise constantly which creates a fiscal problem for families and societies. This makes the LTC services unaffordable for large group of older people.

Project Details

Client Gordian Technologies
Date TBD
Skills Branding, Artificial Intelligence
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PINC Tech Support

We provide technical support and development for PINC Solutions from California for their advanced yard management, finished vehicles logistics and inventory robotics systems. The founder of our company was working directly for PINC Solutions during his stay in California while their product was in early development, which gave him insight in innovations and start-up culture in Silicon Valley.

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Affinitel Tech Support

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