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provides consulting and contract services in the emerging web space. We focus on disruptive technologies and technology segments where emerging trends and changing business pose unique and challenging opportunities for our clients.

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Gordian Sistemi is decisively pioneering a new use of technology in the long term care (LTC) sector and is aiming to raise it to the next level. Our goal is to disrupt the long term care industry and revolutionize LTC facilities and care-at-home services. In ever growing long term care market in Europe, North America and spreading worldwide there is a great business opportunity for us to capture while solving well documented problem in the sector.

  • Smart Systems Innovations 80%
  • Telecommunications 60%
  • App Development 50%
  • Customer Happiness 90%

Gordian Sistemi DOO (LLC) is a company registered in 2015 as a result of previous ventures with a goal of creating project CARRIE as a new innovative product. The combined resources, knowledge and experience of its founders and first team members were aligned with the team goal of creating revolutionary product for Long Term Care sector. This group of people was in creation in previous 7 years. Even the company is fairly young, the idea is since 2007 when the actual activities started. To be able to finance the R&D activities the company contracted technical support, development and consultancy agreements with companies from Silicon Valley in California and Macedonia. Technical support and development are for companies that have their own technology product and need outsource support for their customers. For example, PINC Solutions from California have Yard Management System that trace trailers within warehouse or factory, manage loading, inbound/outbound shipments and resources management for yard trucks and drivers. Our responsibility is to perform level 1, 2 and 3 technical support, take care of the upgrades and be part of the development team. The founder of the company was working directly for PINC Solutions, during his stay in California while product was in early development what gave him insight in innovations and start-up culture in Silicon Valley. Technically the product involves wired and wireless networking, 3G, 4G, RFID, GPS, Image recognition and AI. The other involvement is in the telecom industry, designing, configuring and maintaining on-site and cloud based telephone servers for small and medium companies in California. Consultancy is done for optimal utilization of IT and telecom equipment to ensure best performance for lowest cost for the clients. Extensive and close work with clients from California created high work ethics and customer centered culture in our company what is minimum requirement to be present at competitive Californian market. This experience give as a confidence that we are capable of producing our product that will be on the highest competitive level and provide impeccable customer experience for our future clients.

At the moment we have fully equipped lab for design and development of hardware products, from electronic assembly to casings and enclosures. We have all necessary hand tools, electric tools, 3D printer, generators and instruments needed for current and future development and small scale production. On top of that we have multiple tool sets for on-site installations. Our computer park is recently upgraded from laptop and desktop to network and server infrastructure.

With all this we confident that we poses ideal core team and descent lab and production facility to perform this scale of project and with financial bust can bring truly innovative product on a growing market that expected as soon as possible.

Marija Gjorgievska

Marija Gjorgievska


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Toni Bacvarovski


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Petar Petrusevski